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Even Prime Minister Winston Churchill said "our supreme effort must be to gain overwhelming mastery in the air.

The fighters are our salvation, but the bombers alone can provide the means to victory." As the war progressed heavy bombers such as the British Avro Lancaster bombers made their entrances in the war and carpet bombing entire industrial cities with their great payloads.

The girlfriend of missing airman Corrie Mckeague has announced the birth of their baby.

April Oliver, from Norfolk, shared a photo of her cradling the week-old baby, on her Facebook page on Father's Day.

On 9 Jul, he wrote of what he had witnessed that morning after the British bombers had already left.

After reading a Facebook post suggesting Corrie may have been drugged, Nicola said: 'This is possible.'We need to find Corrie to follow that line of inquiry.'I have watched the CCTV of Corrie in the doorway..

From him walking in to leaving.'Every single second. It's simply not an option to give up.' Corrie's girlfriend, April Oliver, 21, gave birth to their daughter, Ellie-Louise on June 11 and announced the birth on Father's Day.

She discovered she was pregnant with his baby two weeks after his disappearance.

In January she said: "I've had to make a massive decision by myself.