Updating certifier

The following document may assist in correcting this issue:​ For Principals to provide, amend or revoke additional access to edu Pay for employees in their school.This includes amending the Validator access and information on changing the Certifier where the Principal changes or is on long term absence.Material has been added to provide guidance where it might have been previously lacking.

In addition, when CETA finalized the certifier accreditation program in 2011, it became clear that further guidance was needed in some areas.FAA Med XPress is a web application pilots must use to submit their certification applicant information (Items 1 through 20) of the FAA Form 8500-8.Pilots need only a valid email address to create a Med XPress account to use FAA Med XPress.By specifying a single acceptable method in the guideline, we were able to eliminate any confusion, establish one correct answer for the test, and ensure more consistent field testing among certification companies.A number of documents are available for principals, managers and employees to assist in using the Department's payroll program - edu Pay.