Akatsuki dating quiz

As a result, you have trouble sticking with anything — or anyone — for too long.

Have you ever wondered what Akatsuki character you are?

Naturally, this year, I wanted to make more quizzes.

When you achieve things and get what you work hard for, you often feel like an impostor and worry when people will figure out you don’t really belong.

Though our world doesn’t yet have the depth of any kind of virtual reality technology explored in fiction, that doesn’t mean we’re not at a point where friendships and relationships can form in virtual-ish environments.

Asti and I both met our significant others online — and especially thanks to the virtual worlds of video games — so this is a topic that is special for both of us (heck, it’s also how Leanne and I met — through Ever Quest II! In this quiz, you’ll discover which type of person you’re most likely to fall in love with, should you meet them (or — gasp!

On its second attempt, the Japanese Akatsuki space probe has successfully entered orbit around Venus, more than five years after its May 2010 launch.

The unmanned probe's first attempt at getting into orbit was almost exactly five years ago, on 6 December 2010.