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All of these acts are criminalized under [Minnesota law].

“The state is undoubtedly attempting to prohibit speech which poses a risk to vulnerable children,” the judge acknowledged, but while “the statute’s aim is laudable, the law is unconstitutionally overbroad because the ‘restriction goes well beyond that interest by restricting the speech available to law-abiding adults.’” Reyes said any attempt by the court to find the statute constitutional would amount to an invasion of the Legislature’s turf.

He approached her and, whilst protecting the first lady, got her phone number.

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A Secret Service agent can’t even send an indecent text message to a prospective date these days without his actions going public.

Our colleague Carol Leonnig, the authority on all things Secret Service, confirmed a National Enquirer report Wednesday that a junior agent met a young woman while on detail at a Michelle Obama-attended event.

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