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He was smart, charming and a great skier, and our life together was fantastic.

But over time, his drinking has increased along with his temper—he's gotten three DUIs, wrecked my car and nearly burned down our home. He's threatened by my friends, rude to my colleagues, MIA for family occasions and can't keep a job.

No one wants to ride a roller coaster ride of ups and downs in their relationship.

But, I’d like to argue that consistency is the most important thing … love, affection, attraction, friendship, respect, trust, etc etc.

You know that exercise they make couples do, the one that one partner falls back and trusts that the other partner will catch them. You know that they love you and you can count on their love.

you thought I would say love and affection didn’t you? They want to know that their partner is always there when they need them, especially in the hard times.Presumably if an investor provided tools to make laborers 20% more productive, and in return took a 5% royalty, he’s an exploiter (apparently leaving them back at 0% is a better outcome…)?On the other hand, if he simply caves to your arguments because you have him whipped, he has a weak mind and may not be someone you would continue to be interested in; i.e., as easily as he accepted your views, he would just as easily lose them.If you’re guilty of being a drama queen stop and think, ask yourself if you have a habit of making everything about you and if you’re using your food allergies as a way to dominate the conversation again.Let your partner have their share of the limelight too.