Who is jake gyllenhaal dating november 2016

Apparently, the Spanish soccer player was none too happy about seeing Shakira appear in music videos with other men, so much so that he banned her from making them.

Shakira tried to justify Gerard’s jealous behavior by telling the Independent back in 2014 that he was simply being ‘territorial’ in their relationship because of his background, explaining, “But I like that. He is a defender — the last person before the goalie.” Yet, knowing that Shakira is considered as one of the sexiest women in the entertainment world, there’s no doubt that her ‘work’ caused more than a little friction between the two.

If that weren’t enough, Shakira confirmed earlier this year that she and Gerard had no plans to marry, even though they’ve been living together and raising their two sons as a family for several years now.

Then again, for Gerard to tell Shakira to shut her mouth might seem disrespectful to her fans, but she felt comfortable enough about their particular relationship dynamic to be honest about it in the media.

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But has Shakira had enough of Gerard’s supposedly controlling and jealous nature?

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Who is jake gyllenhaal dating november 2016