The dating game archives

An internet search yields dozens of articles discussing pick-up artists, negging, and related subjects. But in general, in most large metro areas, I'd say that a big chunk of the female population has heard of game.

So if you live in those places, there’s a strong chance that some of the girls you date …

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Plus they’re really eye-catching since they’re in a drafty part of the library, and therefore nicely twirl.

Before I go much further, I have to thank Michael at the Main Library for compiling all of the books – it saved me a huge amount of time.

He also made very thoughtful and diverse selections that I truly appreciate. The patron picks a number (1-3) out of the yellow bowl.

[Read more...]My girlfriend started working at Hooters several months ago.

It's been an interesting experience, so I thought I'd share it with you.