Updating blackberry desktop manager

The main downside to Black Berry Desktop Software is that it's a bit of a beast.

The download is over 100Mb and the installation takes an age, but it's worth the wait.

To revert your Black Berry 10 device to a public OS release, follow the steps outlined in this Knowledge Base Article.

Using Black Berry Link, you will be able to reload your device software to a full OS and, if needed, download any OS updates from your carrier.

We're not quite sure what's new and improved in this version, so if you spot anything fancy let us know.

Assume it's the usual tweaks and bug fixes for the most part. Black Berry Desktop Manager has been the staple PC app for backing up, restoring, updating and synching Black Berry devices for years, however with Black Berry 10 a refreshed version dubbed Black Berry Link looks to be taking its place.

Back to Top NOTE: If you are an IT Administrator on the Aliant, Sasktel, and MTS network, it is critical that you do not push out the DST patch to your 7250 subscribers before first carefully reading this page.

Black Berry Desktop Software allows you to sync your Black Berry with your Windows computer effortlessly, giving you the ability to back up and share files without hassle The software allows you to install and manage apps, as well as synchronize contacts, tasks and messages between device and PC.

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For more information, please view the list of supported software versions.See more about updating your Black Berry Smartphone Software at the Black Berry website. Which new feature do you find it the most useful for you?But, remember to create a backup of your Black Berry’s data before starting the OS 7.1 upgrade process and sync your phone with the Black Berry Desktop Manager, so in case something goes wrong you are covered. NOTE: Aliant, Sasktel, and MTS subscribers using Blackberry 7250 devices need to carefully read this page before taking any action.View the list of currently patched software versions.