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Sven is honored to be Composer in Residence for the 25th anniversary of the Moritzburg Festival.Under the direction of the cellist Jan Vogler, it is one of the most important chamber music festivals in the world.I have had an opposite situation occur when talking with my friend Sven.

To properly date and understand Kimberley rock art will take many years, but the Rock Art Dating Project team are confident the results will help grow a national pride and respect for this intellectual and cultural achievement made and looked after by Aboriginal people.What I do recall, was what he said in response: “You know, you should consider using the International Dating method.” No, this is not a suggestion for a method I might use in order to meet and date attractive women from overseas. I went home, my mind started thinking about what Sven had suggested.What he was suggesting is writing dates as YYYY-MM-DD or year first with a hyphen and then the day. It first it struck me that this dating method was a bit odd and perhaps unworkable.The location to easily access all the main city sites.The historical, well preserved building in the old town.