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A study for the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism found that despite claiming to protect Muslims, most of the returned fighters were “novices” in their religion and some did not know how to pray properly.“Most saw their religion in terms of justice and injustice rather than in terms of piety and spirituality,” said the authors of the report, which was based on interviews with 43 people from 12 countries.Albanian / Amharic / Arabic / Bengali / Bosnian / Chinese / Dutch / English / Finnish / French / German / Hindi / Indonesian / Malay / Persian / Oromo / Russian / Swedish / Somali / Tamil / Telugu / Thai / Turkish / Urdu If you find any factual mistakes [whether misprints or a false representation of doctrines] on these pages, or things that are worded in an offensive way, contact us, we would like to correct that.

"The hundreds of thousands of stateless children in Malaysia certainly deserve to know.The latest move by the NIA also comes just weeks after it approached Interpol to issue a red corner notice (RCN) against Naik.The request for the red notice in May came after NIA had issued a non-bailable warrant arrest on April 20, because it had reasonable grounds to believe that Naik was evading an earlier arrest warrant seeking him to come in for questioning over a money laundering investigation.“He is also more likely than not to come from a marginalised background, both socially and politically,” the reported added.“Most were unemployed, or underemployed, and/or said that their life lacked meaning.” Three quarters of those interviewed reached Syria but subsequently decided to leave, while others were intercepted by authorities in their own country or stopped en route.