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If ever a house cried out to be put into a novel, this is it.

"It's rather shabby, I'm afraid," says Massie, obviously fond of the place he shares with his wife, two Clumber spaniels and four cats, as well as chickens and horses.

Cuba is to cigars what Bordeaux or Napa is to wine: equal parts tradition, terroir, and myth.

That combination has created a larger-than-cult following for its most prized brands, including Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, and the granddaddy of them all, Cohiba.

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It’s become a point of pride among Americans to smoke Cuban cigars whenever and however they can.

’ Fortuitously for us, his first wine experiences began with Bordeaux and continued to throughout university: “I had this one wonderful tutor, who if we’d had a good tutorial, he’d bring out a bottle of Beychevelle ’61.

I thought I would become sophisticated and irresistible to women.”While none of the girls gave him a second date, his first tasting would form the foundation for his career in wine, as well as ignite his lifelong love affair with Bordeaux.

“I can still to this day remember that they brought out this old bottle to give us a treat.

Though only a few miles out of Selkirk, his elegant country house feels utterly secluded.

Hidden by trees, it faces fields of cattle across a milky green pond where a rowing boat lies on the bank, ready for a dip.