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Secret chats also notify all participants in a conversation if one chat user takes a screenshot of the chat — although this feature can be guaranteed to work only when all parties to a chat are using an official Telegram client.

Those privacy features help set Telegram — which is also partially open source — apart from other major instant-messaging services, like Whats App.

An Iran expert who had searched for it as well confirmed her inability to find it.

As several people have observed, there is no legal ban on men and women conversing face-to-face in Iran; long-distance chats seem comparatively antiseptic.

“The longer a country censors and the more aggressively it censors,” says Zuckerman, “the more incentive it gives citizens to learn how to get around that.” Because Iran has been filtering since at least 2004, says Zuckerman, a lot of Iranians already know how to use proxies–computers that route traffic around a government-imposed block.So even if you’re just using a proxy to surf porn, says Zuckerman, suddenly, a political crisis hits and you already have the means to communicate.Normally, Iran’s government maintains a tight grip on Internet use.Other journalists have been injured, detained, or arrested by the authorities.Yet despite the media crackdown, information continues to leak out of Iran via social networking, microblogging, and photo- and video-hosting websites.